The skin scrubber pen can enhance the ability of skin to absorb nutrients and cream, promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, helps to remove facial wrinkles, lifts and tightens the skin.

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1. Preoperative and postoperative photographs for comparison. 

2. To clean the treatment area, wear protective goggles for customers when operation, and evenly apply cold gel in the treatment area. 

3. Adjust the parameter according to different skin color and hair color and thickness. 

4. The operation handle must fully touch skin when operation, but don’t be heavy  press. Keep the handle is vertical to the skin. Find the fitting angle when operating nose, cheekbone, forehead. Take the face as an example, from the bottom to up, from the outside side to the inside, each spot pressure 1/3 spots of another spot, evenly arranged. After 4 or 5 spots of each operation, stop to observe the skin changes carefully, and repeat treatment in the more severe parts.

 5. Should touch the handle when operation, whether it is still cooling, if the handle is hot, stop opertaion. Then put the handle on the floor, to make the refrigeration system fully cycle. The handle can not be touched skin long time, prevent the skin from frostbite.

 6. For darker skin, sensitive skin: 24-48 hour delayed response is relatively common. Don’t increase the energy optionally, because of non obviously immediate reaction. 

7. For chloasma, some people maybe appear chromatosis phenomenon, when the energy is too high, chromatosis will aggravate, must be careful operation