(1)Green light 532nm-the best wavelength for veins removal. (2)3 work modes: CW, Pulse, Super-pulse (3)Laser conduct: Fiber conduct (4)Machine size: 337(W)x495(L)x297 (H)mm (5) Customized LOGO(Min Order: 1 set) (6) We offer calibration table and final test report. (7) Several machine case colors for your choose, like yellow, orange and grey color. (8) Our customers' feedback on this machine for your check. (9) Warranty: 2 years +lifelong maintenance service. (10) For this machine,we also have 808nm, 940nm and 980nm for your choose. (Note: Would you like to know real-time shipping fee to your door in your country? Contact with us now. )

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(Note: Would you like to know real-time shipping fee to your door in your country? Contact with us now. )

Customer's feedback of this machine

  • Treatment Principle
  • During to a skin problem, the blood vessel becomes much thicker, and contains more boold than normal. so the blood vessel becomes visible from skin. According to a light-absorb theory, the red colored blood vessel absorbs the green light mostly. After absorbing a green laser energy, the blood vessel will be tightened, and will be hidden under skin. So the blood vessel will be invisible from the skin. So we say the blood vessel is "removed".

  • Applications
  • Vascular / Veins / Spider Veins Removal / Nevus Flammeus / face and lower-limb angiotelectasia / cayenne-pepper spot / red angiomas / flat surface angiomas / rosacea / spider naevus / freckles / keratoderma / dermatosis

  • Advantages:

  • 1. Most advanced technology diode pumped 532nm laser.

  • 2. Professional designed treatment headpiece, to enable the treatment safe and effective.

  • 3. CW, Pulse, Ultra Pulse treatment models.

  • 4. 5 Watts max power.

  • 5. Short time operation, no injury, no bleeding.


Laser type

Diode Pumped 532nm ND YAG KTP Laser


532 nm


5 Watts

Work mode

CW, Pulse, Ultra-pulse

Laser conduct

Fiber conduct


Diode laser 3mW   650nm

Cooling system

Intense wind cooling

Body material



337(W)x495(L)x297 (H)mm


AC 220V/110V 50/60HZ 5A/10A



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
aluminum alloy case special for exportation
Guangzhou port or any port of China
Lead Time : 1-5 working days after receipt of deposit.