1)Dual ten core processor. 2)Palm infrared detection. 3)Strong penetration. 4)Sensitive detection. 5)Simple and clear interface, 3D stereo imaging. 6)Add two new test items. (Note: Would you like to know real-time shipping fee to your door in your country? Contact with us now. )

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(Note: Would you like to know real-time shipping fee to your door in your country? Contact with us now. )

45 Test Reports: 
1. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular test.
2. gastrointestinal function test.
3. liver test. 4. biliary function test.
5. pancreatic function test.
6. kidney function test.
7. lung function test.
8. cranial nerve test.
9. bone disease test.
10. bone density test.
11. rheumatoid bone disease test.
12. blood glucose test.
13. basic body test.
14. human toxin test.
15. trace element test.
16. pulse test.
17. vitamin test.
18. blood lipid test.
19. skin test.
20. endocrine system test.
21. immunity test.
22. human consciousness level test.
23. respiratory function test.
24. amino acid test.
25. bone growth index test.
26. eye test.
27. heavy metal test.
28. allergy test.
29. coenzyme test.
30. obesity test.
31. collagen test.
32. large intestine test.
33. thyroid test.
34. hyperactivity test.
35. male function test.
36. prostate function test.
37. sperm and semen test.
38. gynecological test.
39. breast test.
40. menstrual cycle test.
41. meridian test.
42. fatty acid report.
43. human body analysis report.
44. expert analysis report.
45. manual report.

   Specification :

Size: Approx. 31x22x9cm/12.20x8.66x3.54"
Package Size: Approx. 35x25x14cm/13.78x9.84x5.51"
Dual ten core processor.
Palm infrared detection.
Strong penetration.
Sensitive detection.
Simple and clear interface, 3D stereo imaging.
Add two new test items.

Package includes :

1 x Main Machine
1 x Dongle
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

1 x CD

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Yes, we have. One-year warranty on host machine is given.Three months' warranty for spare parts. 


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